Black Destination Wedding Spots

Black wedding destination
Destination weddings are popular because they offer a guaranteed wedding to remember.

For the bride and groom, they can provide easy wedding planning, a honeymoon, and a vacation for your guests all in one. (They also give you a built-in excuse to keep your guest list pared down.) So, where's the best place to host your African American wedding?

Many brides and grooms choose to have their wedding someplace where they have roots, such as the bride's hometown. Or, perhaps the groom or his parents are from the islands, giving you a built-in wedding destination.

Another option is to have the wedding somewhere that's significant to both the bride and groom, such as your HBCU's chapel if the two of you met in college, the place where you went on your first vacation together, or the site of another special memory or event in your relationship.

You could also choose a destination that's culturally significant to African Americans. Harlem, Washington D.C., Savannah, Atlanta, or New Orleans would fit the bill.

If none of those apply, then the world is your oyster. You can choose a destination that you've always wanted to visit, or where you know your guests will have a good time. If your guests don't have passports, consider tropical destinations within the U.S. or its territories, like the Florida's Emerald Coast, the Florida Keys, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

For more exotic destination ideas check out these top Caribbean wedding resorts and Jamaica wedding resorts.

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